Knowledge bases are formed as a result of generating expert systems and decision support systems. The knowledge base consists of expert system knowledge representations and decision support systems criteria. Each system represents its knowledge in the manner of the selected computational methods and stored in the database in high-level abstraction format, and then each module will translate it to its own manner. However, advanced users can edit and modify the knowledge base in order to improve the accuracy of the knowledge base by utilise the user interface. This knowledge base has also been used in the KMS tools to search for matters for the users. For further documentation, click here.
ARDVRO Kenviro

As a part of the ARDVRO Platform, Kenviro very much depends on the whole ARDVRO Framework from backend to front-end. Therefore, when installing Kenviro, some other components of ARDVRO are also included in the packages, as a result, the client will automatically have the capability to consume those features. As the basic dependencies, Kenviro needs the SqlJson and WebAppGear packages including the CMS, KMS and Chatbot plugins.