In order to develop the whole Intelligent Applications, ARDVRO has developed the basic Artificial Intelligence functions from scratch without using any third-party library. The AI API include some basic statistical and mathematical functions that would be useful as additional features to others applications. Therefore, besides being used by the Kenviro project itself, ARDVRO also provides the basic functions of AI to be consumed by the client through the WebSocket API and Web API:

The API call have the same parameters for each main points to theirs sub points. To use certain method, pass in the parameter methodType. For example: to use probabilistic API:

                    let probabilistic = new ProbabilisticController( { Connector: Website.GetConnector() } );
                    probabilistic.Compute("AnaliticalHierarcyProcess", inputs, weights, callback);
                    probabilistic.Compute("DempsterShafer", inputs, weights, callback);
For further documentation, click here. All of those functions, also available as a method in the Decision Support Systems application and API.