Blogging with WebAppGear CMS

I. What is WebAppGear CMS

WebAppgear CMS is a Content Management System Plugin with Single Page Application style website. With WebAppGear CMS, you can managed your content and make your Web Application to be a Forum, Group Chat, Photo Gallery, Ticketing System, News Portal, Blog, Wiki and Live Chat with your customer. It's flexible CMS you can configure by your self without coding.

WebAppGear CMS managed the content in tree Hiararki, each content can have many sub contains. We call it a "Level". This screen below shows how WebAppGear CMS managed the content. We recommend to have at least 5 level of structure hiararki. Some features only works if you have 5 level of structured, like Latest content, Trending Topics, and Pinned content.



II. Create and Managed Content.


  1. Login to your new website that your created with WebAppGear.


  1. After you login, click the Mail Icon on the Header.

  2. First time login you will see an empty tree view. 

  3. To create new Content, click the "Plus" [+] button on then right.

  4. First, you need input your content information as shown on the screen below.
    1. ID: is the identifier of each content. If you create a website with WebAppGear, then you need the ID of the your content as the parent forum/content. Get it from here.
    2. Name: is the title of the content.
    3. Info: Short description of the content.
    4. Icon: An image that represent the content, maximum size is 512KB, we recommend less than 256KB.
    5. Comment Type: You can choose a style to display the comments of the content, you also can set the comment off. If you want to chat online with the other member, select the Chat mod Gallery will show your comment like on youtube. Blog and Forum will have similar display, like standar forum comment style.

  5. Status, CmsContentType, Created, Updated, Updater.
    1. Status will have Open, Close and In Progress. If you don't need In Progress Status, ignore it. Close status will disabled the comment.
    2. CmsContentType:
      1. Public -> The content will display on the public.
      2. Private -> Only member of the content can view the content.
      3. Header, Footer -> if you are the Administrator, you can set the Header and the Footer of your website. Header content, will need to have sub contents.
    3. Created, Updated, Updater are the information of the content.
    4. Parent / Category/Sub Category: After you create the root content and some of sub categories,  then you can select the category or sub category of your content. If not, the you need to create it first.

  6. Chat Widge Script. If you have another website and you want a live chat with your visitors, just copy paste the script on the text box and put it in the <head>...</head> tags. The script will automatically generated after you save this content.

  7. Editor. This is the body of your content. You can type anything here. You can create a table, bold, italic, color, bigger font, insert image, etc, similar to the word processor application like Microsoft Words. You also can direcyly to copy paste from Microsoft Word. We highly recommend that you type first your content on the other applications such as Ms.Word, Notepad, Google Docs, or others, then copy paste it here.

    1. Insert Image from URL. Click this button, then input the image url, then click OK.

    2. Insert image from you devices. Click/tab the second of image button.
      Click Choose file, select your file from your device, could be from your phone Gallery, or windows explorer, then Click Ok.
    3. Create table: Click table button :

      Set the rows and the columns number. You can also set the other options on the screen. Then click OK.
    4. Fill up the table content, or type anything.
    5. Don't Forget to Save your works. Click the Save button on the bottom of the screen below below the content editor.

    6. After you clicked save, the the PopUp message will appear that indicated that you content have successfully save on the server. If you did't not see any message,  check your internet connection, when your internet connection back, the click Save agein. If it does not works, the important thing to do is  Copy from the editor, select all the content from editor, the click Ctrl+C or Copy on Android, the open an text editor such as notepad, paste it there.  After you paste it, refresh the browser / app, then find the content, then paste it to the Editor.



Managed Sub-contents and Members

Each content could have a sub contains and members, by default, the creator of the content will be the Operator.

  1. Add sub content. Click
    Then click add Plus button:
  2. Then and a screen to create a content will appear.
  3. Then on the Parent / Sub Categories Dropdown List, select the parent/upper content.


Add member/participant:

If this is private group, you need to add member / participant to the content to be able to appear when on the selected members.  Click button:

Click the search button on the right bottom.

Type to search the name, then check on the row of the member you want to add, then click "Select" button.


Modify member role:

On the member list, click/tab the member name, then choose the operation you want.


Modify content

Click the "Pencil" icon button, then an editor screen will appear, modify your content, then click save on the bottom of the screen.

Manage comment / Chat